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- remarks about John Oswald's plunderphonic CD release -

"It's the greatest thing I've ever heard."
- Hal Willner, producer, Saturday Night Live

"Brilliant production... the most interesting album of 1989."
- Jens Kohler, Ice

"...the brilliant Canadian 'plunderphonist' John Oswald."
- Robert Everett-Green, Globe & Mail

"So cool, he makes you shudder."
- Toronto's Coolest Musicians, Eye

"...the brilliant brainchild of John Oswald"
- Joel Haertling: Zamizdat

"Absolutely brilliant."
- John Sakamoto: Toronto Sun

"Fucking brilliant."
- Steve Stein: Media , NYC

"Brilliant... Really beautiful."
- Christos Hatzis: composer, Toronto

"Great, great stuff...Wildly humorous...Astonishing virtuosity...Among the most 'original' sounding work I've ever heard- I know of nothing else like it."
- Lloyd Dunn, Photostatic

"It's wild, it's crazy, it's serious, it's fresh, and it's almost impossible to describe."
- Bery, Reargarde

"...a conspicuous virtuosity. Even someone ignorant of the means being used to transform the music couldn't help being impressed by Oswald's technical mastery.... far more intriguing than the originals."
- Robert Everett-Green, Globe & Mail

"John Oswald has achieved the pinnacle of the 1980's cut-and-paste aesthetic. Spectacular Frankenstein monsters. One of the most adventurous and musically rewarding experiments to emerge from the age of digital sampling."
(TOP TEN LIST OF THE '80s) - Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

"Plunderphonics is as mesmerizing and synapse-frying a piece of aural vandalism as has ever been committed."
- Byron Coley, Spin

"Startling... Funny... Thought-provoking."
- Scott Isler, Musician

"Shocking...Totally astounding."
-Morgan Gerard, Graffiti

"Absolutely mesmerizing. Oswald is a talented guy."
(nominated Best Album of 1990) - Jim Aiken,Keyboard

"It's a masterpiece...the best new release in five years."
- John Zorn: composer, NYC

"John Oswald is now something of a legend in both the avant-garde and pop music worlds."
- Mondo 2000

"plundergenius John Oswald."
- Gerry Belanger, Option

"Plunderphonic is my favorite release of the year. This art is more radical in its social and political implications than the introduction of the electric guitar."
- Henry Kaiser, East Bay Express

"Several truly astonishing moments... breathtaking."
- Phillip Perkins, Fun Music

"Startling. [The] year's hippest banned record."
- Richard Gehr, Creem

- Kyle Gann, Village Voice

- Don Nilson, Kyoto Journal

"...makes John Zorn look like the tortoise to Oswald's hare"
- Bill Reynolds, Metropolis

"manipulations grotesque and gleeful."
- Ted Greenwald, Creem

"The result, after electronic buggering and caressing, is a hilarious masterpiece. I love it. Oswald is a genius."
- Joe Mendelson, Metropolis

"Really choice... I love this stuff."
- Eugene Chadbourne: guitarist, Greensborough NC

"It's beautiful."
- Bill Frisell: guitarist, Hoboken NJ

"It's great."
- Al Kooper: musian/producer, LA

"One of the most brilliant things I've ever heard."
- John Wiggins, HBO,NYC

"Incredible! ...the best record I've heard in years."
- Doug Perry: violist, Toronto

"For the moment, John Oswald is a solo movement, the most exciting school of one in music."
- Milo Miles, Village Voice

"Great! If there was a way I could release this I would in a minute.
- Robert Hurwitz, executive producer, Nonesuch Records

"I've been playing [the Plunderphonics CD] for everyone who will listen and thus far the response has been 100%. They all want copies."
- Phil Perkins: sound designer, SF

"I hope someday to achieve world class noteriety with my music so that John Oswald will deem it popular enough to plunder it."
- M. Joe: songwriter, Toronto

"It's hilarious... The last two pieces are very moving."
- Atom Egoyan: filmmaker, Toronto

"It's great! It's fab! I love it! I've played it for lots of people, whose reactions range from knocked out to completely befuddled. I guess this means you've created a masterpiece (or two or three or four - my favorites keep shifting)."
- Matt Groening: cartoonist. Life In Hell & The Simpsons

"Plunderphonics is recreational savagery... A consistently brilliant record."
- David Toop, London Times

"It tickled me...It's a celebration."
- Bob Krasnow: president, Elektra Records

"The Gravity's Rainbow of recordings. Complex, hilarious, moving and revealing."
- anon., Boston

"Mr. Oswald flew past the level of mere sampling. He has taken sampling fifty times beyond what we've come to expect."
- Brian Robertson: president,Canadian Recording Indusry Ass.

"Personally, I'm most touched by John Oswald's Plunderphonics."
- Boris Khabarovsk: Khabarovsk Music Society,USSR

"The hits keep coming! Thankyou for including me among those sure to admire your music. At any speed I remain yours in admiration,"
- Van Dyke Parks: songwriter, LA

"I recently heard a snatch of Plunderphonic at a party and became fascinated..."
- Carle Groome: critic, Ear

"The Well-Tempered Clavier of our time."
- Tom Constanten: ex-Grateful Dead

"Plunderphonic rules!"
- Deidre O'Donahue, KCRW. Los Angeles

"A completely original non-original album from John Oswald."
- Laurie Brown, City-TV,Toronto

"I think Oswald is a great composer. He has maintained a stance as artist provacateur which is unrivaled in the world of music and audio art."
- Charles Amirkhanian, KPFA Berkeley

"The reigning heavyweight champion in tape manipulation is John Oswald."
- Doug Harkness, Vox

"Wild... Brilliant."
- David Fricke: critic, Rolling Stone

"This CD is amazing! "
- David Newgarden, WFMU,New Jersey

"Fabulous! Some of these pieces are closer to the true essense of the original music than anything the originals themselves could possibly produce."
- Bill Grove, CKLN Toronto

"I must say I love the stuff ... and play as much on the radio as I can."
- Steve Barker, BBC Radio Lancashire

"What an experience."
- Marika Partridge, programmer. NPR

"Simultaneously very funny and very courageous."
- Warren Burt. 3MBS, Australia

"A Canadian CD which takes sampling further than ever before..."
- Sounds

"... a fantastic thing"
- Paul Dresher: composer, San Francisco

"Plunderphonicker John Oswald... has been astounding audiences with his technoripoffaudacities."

"Complex wundersample."
- WDR, Germany

"The greatest plunderer of them all, Canada's own John Oswald."
- David Wisdom., CBC

"That's great stuff!"
- Brent Branburry. CBC Brave New Waves

"Plunderphonics is exquisite."
-Ed Osborne: audio artist, Boston

"You may never hear music the same way again."
-Derk Richardson, San Francisco Bay Guardian

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